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Zu unserer Tour, die das Projekt zum Schutz der Painted Dogs unterstützt, hier findet Ihr den Brief des Geschäftsführers der holländischen Organisation zum Schutz der Painted Dogs. Er ist unser Reiseführer für unsere Septembertour und gerade erst aus Afrika zurück gekommen:

Dear Friends of the painted dogs,

Great that you not only share a unique trip with us but also support a unique species, the painted dogs.

First I will introduce myself : I have visited the project for the first time in 1999 with my brother. Many years have followed. In 2004 we, in the Netherlands , have started a foundation. Main reason was to be more professional in our support to this endangered species.

Herewith the first Jubilee Tour newsletter.
The trip consists three parts : looking forward, the trip itself and looking backwards.

During the coming months I will try,together with you, to give content to the first part of the trip : looking forward.
We have still some beds available for September.

The painted dogs are between start and 6,26 minutes and start again from 37 minutes until the end of the film.  In between there are also other animals filmed but no dogs.

As you can see is Kanga Camp really dedicated in supporting the painted dogs, they have even their own billboard !
perlenfaenger Mana Pools simbabwe painted dogs 2 perlenfaenger Mana Pools simbabwe painted dogs
Sunday 7th of June, Mana Pools, 17.15 H  Vundu pack , 11 members

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ron van der A                                                                        

Stichting Painted Dog Conservation